About us

General Information

Les Magasins Korvette is a Quebec-based chain of family-owned discount stores with his headquarters and distribution centre in Trois-Rivières. All our stores are located in the Province of Quebec.

The company was launched in 1958 by four co-founders, among them the late Jean-Marc Binette, with the opening of their first store in Donnacona.

Following the death of Mr. Jean-Marc Binette on October 15, 1997, Mrs. Huguette Binette was named president until May 2012.

M. Jean-Marc Binette
Mr. Jean-Marc
Mme Huguette Binette
Mrs Huguette

The corporate philosophy behind the growth of Les Magasins Korvette is to develop local markets in municipalities located on the outskirts of large cities while maintaining the focus on the human factor and excellence in customer service. This philosophy, which is passed down from generation to generation, is now being upheld by the company's current owners, the children of the late Jean-Marc Binette.

The company is now in the hands of his three children. One of them, which is working there, is Daniel Binette and he assumes the presidency.

M. Daniel Binette
Mr. Daniel
Mme Andrée Binette
Mrs Andrée

A video was especially prepared for the company's 50th anniversary and viewed by the employees during the 2008 festivities.